The Code of Owners

I am the owner of my life, and every moment is precious to me.

Therefore, I dedicate myself to reaching my full potential — and sharing it with the world.  I will become the person I was meant to be, living the life I want to live, in every moment left to me, beginning now!

I follow these principles without reservation, and work diligently to remove any mental or emotional blocks that interfere with me doing so:


    I own my life, so I'm responsible for it.  If I don't like something, I change it.  If I can't change it, or it's not worth changing, I focus my attention on something else.

  2. If It Feels Bad, You're Doing It Wrong

    If I feel stressed or fearful or angry or sad, I know that it's because of what I'm thinking.  So I will think of getting what I want, not about what I don't have.  I will think that I am capable of overcoming obstacles, instead of assuming they will crush me.  I will stop making things harder for myself, and learn to make them easier instead.

  3. You Get What You Think You Deserve

    Animals establish a pecking order to determine who gets "what's coming to them".  But I am a human being, and I don't need to "keep my place" in the pecking order to avoid getting injured or killed!

    I will not treat myself as "unworthy", but will instead ask for what I want, and trade generously to get it.  I will not cheat others, but neither will I withhold enjoyment or fulfillment or compassion from myself, just because I don't think I "deserve" them yet.

    Deserving is for animals.

  4. Suffering Is A Divided Mind

    Whether I'm at work and thinking about home, or at home thinking about work, I suffer.  When my body and mind are in the same place, I am committed.  I am engaged.  I am involved.  And I am fulfilled.  Commitment is flow — and joy.

    Therefore, I let go of everything that is not in the here and now.  And I choose what I want most, instead of just complaining that I have to choose!

  5. Life Is Every Moment

    There is no such thing as the future, except that we think of it now.  So when I work towards a better future, I will enjoy it now, because now is the only moment I have.  I won't wait until "someday" to start living, because my life has already started, and this is it!

    Therefore, I will enjoy each small piece of my vision as I work to make it real.  I may not live to see my vision come alive, but I will certainly see it in my heart... every single day of my existence.

I am an owner, and my life belongs to me: not to my genes, my past, or the people around me.  As of this moment, my life is under new management: my own.